Eyeland View


☞Fairy Nymph Sunflower Costume (Halloween, Lingerie, Fun)☜

"Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife" -Hokusai 1814

A modern interpretation alongside an erotica classic..

Naturally tar-splattered rock formation on the shore at El Refugio Bay. Petroleum seepage from the ocean floor causes significant amounts of this gooey “tar” in the water, sand, etc. in many places along the California coast.. Perhaps most heavily in the Santa Barbara area and beaches within a small radius north.

The rigs are a common sight when it is clear enough during the day, and as Reagan once said.. they look like “Christmas trees” at night.

Rene Lalique… Grass-blower extraordinaire, died in the 1940’s. Among other things (jewelry designs for Cartier and the like) he also designed numerous mascots for the purpose of mounting on classic cars like the Rolls Royce. Ultimate swag.. Originals pretty much only available now at auction.